It's time for the scream!

WE'RE DEBT FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Except for the house. :) But we are working on that! We have our house for sale but no buyers yet. We want to rent until we save enough to build a house with cash.

We have saved 70% of our 6 month emergency fund. We took a vacation to Hawaii with our tax refund or we would be fully funded. I know, totally not on the Dave plan but with the new baby coming this month we wouldn't be able to go for a couple of years so we took the opportunity while we could! We paid for everything with cash of course. :)

It feels so good to be debt free! Life is so much less worrisome. The only downside is that having several thousand dollars in the bank doesn't feel like enough cushion anymore, while just two years ago we OWED $40,000 to various people and didn't have an extra penny. It's amazing how fast your perspective changes!

2 comments said...

Congratulations that is awesome news - and so great you are sharing so others can do the same! Have an idea for you to consider for posting re how to save money when shopping online and even get free stuff (really free not some teaser offer) - what's the best way to send to you? Thanks, Bryant

Vivian said...

Wonderful! Join the small huddle! I'm proud of you. Happy Baby to You!