The Frugal Downfall of Price Snobbery

One of the biggest obstacles I've encountered in our journey to being frugal with our money is price snobbery. I realized this after I went shopping the other day at Old Navy. I was much more willing to pay $15 for a pair of pants there than I would anywhere I normally shop.

I wouldn't buy anything at Ross or Marshall's for $15 without really thinking about the purchase before I made it, but somehow, $15 at Old Navy was cheap to me, and it was easy to spend there. Why exactly? I don't think it was the clothing quality- Old Navy's clothing is on par with Ross or some Target clothes, but I wouldn't easily spend that money at Ross or Target.

I was being a price snob. I was changing my view of my money based on my surroundings rather than looking at it from the right perspective. If I were in Ross, I would carefully calculate whether this or that was worth $15, but since I was in Old Navy I felt that $15 for an item or two was really cheap.

I have to be careful to realize that no matter the store, $15 is still $15. Next time I go into Old Navy to buy something, I am going to ask myself- would I spend this much money anywhere else?

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★ Jessielah ★ said...

I do the same thing with drug store make-up versus make-up at a department store! $8 for Maybelline eyeliner is outrageous, but $17.50 at Sephora or Macy's is a steal! Of course, now I have convinced myself not to buy make-up at all and just use the stuff I have!! Congrats on selling the car btw!