Decisions, Decisions

We have some big decisions to make at this point. We have a large sum of money from extra jobs and taxes that we need to put on something.

It's definitely a nice problem to have a decent pile of money, but rather sad when you don't get to keep it, and it goes to reduce another number on the screen. This time might be different as we have enough to pay down our car and buy another one.

If we sell our car outright to another person, we will have enough money to buy a decent car with cash. If we can't sell it to another person (which seems likely as we are a finance-only society) we might have to trade it in. If we do have to go with the trade in plan, we will have to wait until our stimulus rebate comes in or until we get another side job to be able to afford another car.

If or when we sell our car, we will no longer have a car payment, which means that we will triple our debt snowball on our other debt. Yeah!

We will be needing much prayer as we try to decide what we should do with our cars and try to find a reliable very used car. At least it's progress. :)

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