Trying to Avoid Being Excited!

Since yesterday I have been trying very hard not to think about this new possibility!

We have property we have been trying to sell for almost a year so we can become debt-free. We own the property outright so we would gain all the money from it's sale.

Yesterday my husband comes home with the news that someone wants to buy our property!

He met with them yesterday and they said several times that they want our piece of land. It's an older man and his wife that are building their nice retirement home. They just have to look over the restrictions and check on a few logistics, but it seems they are ready to buy.

I can't believe it. I see a glimmer at the end of the tunnel!!!! I want to keep my eyes shut though so my hopes don't get crushed if something doesn't work out.

If we sell this, we can be completely debt free!

It's terribly exciting, but I don't want to be happy about it yet, until it happens.

I can't wait to call Dave and scream we're debt free! Wohoo! Pray that it sells for us! :)


Shaun said...

Wow, that's great! Now, we've got to try not to get too excited for you :)

Katie Gregg said...

I don't want to jinx you by saying "congratulations" just yet so I'll just say "I hope it all works out for the best!"

Kim said...

Great news! :)