The Future Isn't so Bleak After All

We didn't sell our property like we thought we would. Instead the man bought a lot on another street. We were very disappointed. It is so hard to get your hopes up and then to have them let down. It really feels like God is teaching us a lesson in patience. And it's a hard one.

On the bright side, we started our taxes and it looks like with our refund, the stimulus rebate, and a few side jobs that are in the works we should still be debt free for the most part! If we sell our car at an even lower price (we have been paying it down with whatever we get) and buy a $5000 car or less we will be almost debt-free. We still owe some money to a family member from our college days, and we consider that the next debt in line.

All of this extra money would come in around May. So potentially, by May of this year we could be nearly debt free and still own our property. That was quite exciting, as we weren't planning on any money from the taxes or the new rebate! There still might be a glimmer at the end of the tunnel. ;)

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