Money Making Opportunity for Writers, a citizen journalism website is looking for writers. They want news articles that are factual and impartial, generally health based, and are current news. If you are accepted as a writer, you use your own AdSense account and collect all money from hits from Google- what they claim is usually $5-$25 per article in the first 72 hours and average $1 or less per day after that. Of course as they grow, the more likely you are to gain revenue. After 30 days you are free to post the article anywhere else.

From the website:

What kind of article content is NewsTarget looking for?

We are seeking factual news reporting articles. We are NOT looking for opinion articles or satire pieces. Articles should not contain opinion statements. However, our overall focus is to promote natural health, green living and disease prevention through nutrition. We are also looking for articles that cover the dangers of conventional medicine, pharmaceuticals, the FDA, processed foods and so on.

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