Frugal Confession- My Parents Were Ultra-Frugal

When I was about 11 years old, my parents were going through some really tough times financially. They were on the beans and macaroni plan before Dave made it popular. Every week, we would have pinto beans and mac and cheese for a couple of dinners.

One night, my mom was making beans and somehow accidentally scorched them. It made the whole house stink. If you have ever burned pinto beans you know that horrid smell I'm talking about.

In an effort to rescue the beans, they took them out of the pot and decided to make my great-grandmother's old recipe of bean patties. I kid you not. So, they took the horridly smelling, awful tasting burnt beans and you guessed it- battered and fried them right up. And we all had to sit down to dinner to eat these greasy brown patties.

It was the single most disgusting food I can ever remember trying to eat. My parents gave us ketchup to put on them, but nothing we tried could make these patties taste better.

Luckily they had a sense of humor about the whole thing and we ate mostly mac and cheese that night. Ever since then, it's been a inside joke in our family.

Most people would have thrown the beans out, but hey, even though we didn't eat them, we have a great family memory. Sometimes the ultra-frugal mishaps can be fun too!

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