Frugal Confession- I Pay an Extra $4 When Dining Out

When we go out for dinner (which is thankfully far less often than we did in the past!)- we commit the ultimate frugal living sin. We buy soft drinks.

It's almost $4 for two drinks these days. It's awful. We know it. Restaurants don't even put soft drink prices on the menu anymore- maybe they are ashamed that they are ripping people off. :)

I have to say, we have improved significantly in the restaurant soft-drink arena. We probably buy soft drinks only half of the times we go out for dinner now. It's just so hard to drink water for some reason. Dr. Pepper is linked with dining pleasure, a special treat, like dining out, while tap water is linked with cheapness and often tastes bad to me.

Sometimes I prefer water over soda but usually it's a conscious decision to save money that keeps me drinking water with lemon. We haven't gone to full-time restaurant water drinking yet. Maybe we will get there soon. We will definitely save more money when we do.

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Katie Gregg said...

We all have our little splurges! If you're spending money on a dinner out, you may as well enjoy your drink, too. I don't like soda, but I have been known to pay extra for a nice hot chocolate (and cappuccino for hubby!)