Frugal Confession- I Love Expensive Makeup

I have to confess- I am in love with department store makeup. It all started after my first semester in college. I had just finished finals, and my roommates and I decided to reward ourselves with a makeover at Dillard's.

I had never even thought to buy makeup at one of those expensive-looking counters. But a free makeover sounded like fun. I had always used drugstore makeup and was never really happy with it, but after wasting tons of money trying other inexpensive kinds I gave up and stuck with the cheapest stuff I could buy.

Until I got my makeover. I went to the Clinique section, got my makeover and was a convert. Never had I known that makeup could feel light and soft! I bought the foundation and eyeliner, at $20 and $14 respectively. I have been a consistent buyer ever since, spending $35 about every 6 weeks on makeup of all things.

I used to think that just because I could buy four $5 foundations for the same price, I was overpaying. And so, when funds were low, I would go back and try to spend $5 on foundation. I would wear it for a few days and then end up buying the $20 foundation because it was so much better, effectively wasting my $5 on the cheap stuff. I used to have the mindset that quantity equals quality. But I think I have found something un-frugal that is higher quality that makes my life better and easier.

Occasionally I will find a good brand at the drug store when I am doing my almost free CVS shopping, but I tend to go back to Clinique over and over again. I haven't changed my ways yet. And I am not sure I can.

My name is Mandy, and I am a Clinique addict.


S.B. said...

I hear your Mandy. For me, I will use drugstore blush and mascara, but I need to have the makeup counter lipstick. It just works better and doesn't have a funny taste. I try and be a little bit frugal by holding off on my makeup counter purchases until free gift/bonus time. It makes me feel like I am getting a bit more for my money!

Catherine at Frugal Homemaker Plus said...

I use the department store makeup. When my sister worked for Clinique, she gave me some of the tons of samples she got. Now that she no longer works there, I buy unopened makeup for deep discounts on E-bay. WAY cheaper than the store!