Frugal Confession- The Gazelle has Jumped the Fence

It's confession time once again. And it's a big one.

I am tired of being frugal. Really tired of it.

I don't want to sell our nice car, I don't want to have to price shop for everything. I still want to buy only things that we can afford, but I don't get excited anymore about extra money that goes toward debt. It's more like a sigh, and with a mouse click the money is gone to reduce some number on my computer screen. The luxury and expense of a anniversary cruise won't even fit into the picture of the next three years.

The love, the gazelle intensity- it's dying.

I want to go to Sam's and pick up fruit because its better there, without doing math on how much each orange will cost, and comparing it to see if Walmart is cheaper. I want to buy the fresh bagels, not the day old ones. I don't want to feel guilty about buying bagels in the first place when I could find a way to make them at home.

Can you tell I am tired? :)

Deep down I know that we will have to keep doing the frugal thing- and even when we have no debt, we will still need to be frugal. For us to get to the place where fresh bagels aren't too expensive, we need work hard and get this debt paid off. I know that, and I am sure we will keep it up, I just miss that all-fired-up desire to be gazelle intense. :)


NeedANap2 said...

Have you seen the calculators for how much one item costs if you put it on a credit card? Imagine taking 10 years (or more) to pay for that fresh bagel compared to paying today for that day-old one. I'll take the day-old one over a 10 year yucky moldy would've been thrown out 9 years 360 days ago!! :)

I think there's several of us '"frugal"-esses' (did I just coin a new term?) that are tired of it -

Anonymous said...

what was it that made you gazelle intense in the beginning? maybe remembering those things will get you all pumped up again.

Mom2fur said...

Awww, hang in there. It's like a writer when she hits writer's block--eventually, the block disappears. You'll be back in the swing again, I'm sure. Meantime, treat yourself to a fresh bagel. Doing a little extra for yourself once in a while won't break the bank, and it will lift your spirits.

Mandy said...

NeedaNap2- you are right about the bagel and the cost difference. It does help to see the big picture!

Frugal chick, that's a good idea. I need to rethink what was inspiring to me in the first place.

Mom2Fur, thanks for the encouragement. I have a feeling I will get a second wind about the whole thing at some point. I think I will go for the bagel though. :)

JvW said...

I know what you mean. I really really do. It gets old after a while.

The good news is, the intensity comes back. Eventually. I like to look at how far we've come, instead of how far we have to go. Know that even if you stop being gazelle intense, you are still in a much better position financially than before, if only because your attitude has changed.

saved by jen said...


like death & taxes, burn-out is a given at some point.

being frugal is just like being on a diet. if you fall off every once in a while in a tiny way is normal and reminds us that we're human. don't beat yourself up for wanting to splurge. and don't fall off the frugal wagon just because you're burned out.

allow yourself the feelings... the intensity will come back. =)

best wishes.

The Nester said...

I have felt like that all too often and so has my honey. So, last month, when we only bought one toy each for our boys for Christmas, I decided to add up how much we have paid off since we stared in July, or June--I'd have to look up which month.

Anyway, what I don't have to look up is the amount: over $30,000! We lost a business, and like idiots, tried to fund and save it with debt. We have 2-3 years left. But, wow, seeing the amount that we had paid off sure was encouraging! It fed that gazelle a little bit!

Oh, and my boys didn't even notice that we didn't get them much for Christmas. They got tons of gifts from the rest of our family!