Coping with Frugality Burnout

J.D. over at GetRichSlowly posted this article just in time, "How to Cope with Frugality Burnout." It was like a reading about my own life....! :)

He quotes Sara Noel:

"It can get tiring to make cheaper choices or overthink small decisions like what laundry detergent to buy. It’s enough to make you crack when you have so many other things to do every day."

I also like this quote on how to cope:

"Cut yourself some slack. If your budget is so tight that you feel deprived, you run the risk of giving up altogether. “Frugality doesn’t have to be all or nothing,” Noel says, and she’s right. As long as your remain focused on you goal, it’s okay to take a break from time-to-time. Just don’t overdo it. (Buying a DVD is a good way to blow off steam; buying a new HDTV is not.)"

Sometimes the best way to cope is to realize burnout is normal and to find others who have been through it to give you advice like this! :)

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