Consumer Reports and Gyms

Trent over at The Simple Dollar did a great write up about the latest issue of Consumer Reports.

One of my favorites he mentioned:

"Never join a gym without using a free trial period. Most people who join gyms - and sign long, expensive contracts - don’t stick with it. Try getting a free trial - even a week-long one - and use it a few times. Do you honestly see yourself sticking with it? Hopefully, the answer is yes, but if the honest answer is no, don’t spend the cash. (p. 32)"

I got to try out my gym for one week before signing up. I think it was a brilliant move on their part. I liked the gym but I wanted to try the classes and meet the instructors before I committed to a year of membership.

I only wish we had a Bally Total Fitness in our town! Bally and DiscoveryHealth are giving away a free 8 week trial membership! Sign up for their National Body Challenge and get a certificate for 8 free trial weeks at the gym. I was surprised to see them give this away, since you would think that eight weeks would be as long as people needed to see they wouldn't actually stick with it. I think it's quite brilliant though, because they are getting people they wouldn't get otherwise, and if only half stay that is way more than they would have had if they hadn't offered it.

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