Not Feeling Frugal with my Dollars

It's Christmas time. A time when it is so easy and often necessary to spend money. After trying and trying to *not* spend money at all for months, it is very difficult for me to get right back on the spending horse. I am doing pretty well I think- I have most Christmas shopping done, and I bargain hunted and found the gifts I wanted to give for much less than they would have cost while staying in my budget.

It's just hard. I feel torn, because even though we have enough money designated to cover these purchases, I just hate spending it. It feels just wrong to spend any money that we do have coming in.

Not only do we have Christmas presents to buy, my oldest son has outgrown his clothes, we have a room to repaint, several events to attend which involve bringing food and gifts, and we need something to wear to them. We aren't going into debt by any means, it just means that money is going toward gifts and other necessary expenses rather than paying down more debt.

I just need to be okay with that, and remember to do the best I can with each purchase- find the best deal, don't buy anything unless its absolutely necessary, and remember that any money we have is directly from the Lord, and He is in control.

Perhaps that little bit of unexpected money He has provided was given to us so we can buy clothes and gifts for our children this year and still contribute the same amount toward our debt this month. I just need to pray before I buy and ask my husband what he thinks about each purchase (well, besides his gift- we are only talking numbers there ;). And there's always the spending fast in January... :)

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