Frugal Confession- We Walked Out of a Restaurant

There was a new restaurant in town- very chic and was said to have decent prices. We decided to give it a try. We walked in and were seated by the hostess. We picked up the menus and started looking.

The server had yet to greet us, but as I was looking at the menu, absolutely nothing sounded good. Especially for the $10+ per plate. If there is anything I hate spending money on, it's food I don't even like. Not only do I have nothing to show for my money, I don't even enjoy the food.

So on this day, I was thankful the server hadn't greeted us yet. I asked my husband if he liked anything and he hadn't found anything, so I asked if we could leave, because I didn't want to spend that much money eating out when nothing even sounded good.

He was okay with us leaving, which is actually amazing because he is much more easily embarrassed than I about these kinds of things. We got up and told the hostess we had changed our minds and gave back our menus.

Were we too cheap? I'm not sure- I think it may be borderline. Maybe next time a new restaurant comes into town we will ask to see the menu before being seated. :)

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Mrs. G said...

LOL! I have done that, too. And I felt incredibly cheap, but hey, I didn't spend money I didn't have on food I didn't like! :)

Amanda said...

I totally agree with you! Don't ever pay for something you don't like!

Anonymous said...

i've done the same thing!!! these places are to serve you and if you don't like what they are serving you aren't obligated to stay :)

Anonymous said...

Most restaurants have menus online so you can view the menu before you decide to walk through the doors.

My friend with allergies uses these all the time.