Frugal Confession- I Didn't Price Shop

A couple of weeks ago I made a trip to Big Lots to buy a few Christmas gifts. As I was browsing, I found several good clearance deals on toys, and it didn't take long to load up the cart. I was in "spending mode" and ready to get a few bargains.

I saw tucked away in a corner a specialty fire box that we had been wanting to get for a long time for $22- a bargain. I thought about it for a while, and called my husband to see if he was okay with it. He was, and so I went ahead and bought it.

I had a general idea of what these fire-proof boxes cost, and in my mind they were usually $30+. I didn't check on what the price was for that box specifically before I bought it. That's why I felt really stupid when I saw the box at Walmart for $17. I overpaid $5 from Walmart's price! I will go to trouble to fill out a much-hated rebate for $5- it's a lot of money to me! $5 is an entire meal at home with leftovers, or even 1/2 of the cost of dinner out with the family!

It was a rookie mistake- I should have at least checked the price on my phone before I bought it. I lost $5 because I was just too busy getting all these clearance deals with three children and I "thought" it was a good deal. I learned- never buy the first thing you look at with out doing some research. Or at least look at Walmart first.

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