A Christmas Bonus and a Cash Only Christmas

It was so wonderful-we paid only cash for Christmas this year! That was very exciting- the funny part is that credit cards were such a normal way of paying out Christmas in the past that I don't even have memories of feeling guilty about credit spending. This year we had cash budgeted for Christmas. We had every thing bought and paid for when my husband brought home a special Christmas surprise last Friday- a very nice bonus!

Since we already paid for our gifts, we are thinking we will use this to pay down extra on our debt. We did splurge and go out for a nice dinner that night. It was also a celebration for us on the beginning of a long-awaited vacation.

We are still looking at used cars, while in the meantime paying down the negative equity we owe so we can get rid of the car. But that is a post in itself... :)

It is such an awesome feeling to not have new bills waiting for us after Christmas- instead we are ringing in the new year with an emergency fund, thousands less in debt, and with an extra bonus to pay down our old debts. We've worked harder and spent less this year- but the funny thing is we didn't even increase our income over last year because I was working part-time last year and this year I didn't.

And that is what makes me think- if we can do it, anyone can. That's what is the most exciting about the whole thing. We aren't special. We are middle-class people who simply had a radical perspective change and decided to change our behavior. And now we are on our way to becoming debt-free!

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Bugtheteacher said...

What you are doing is great. We are working on getting out of debt and hope to be debt free in Feb. I know you will be blessed on this journey.