Patiently Used Car Shopping...

We found an awesome SUV for sale by owner- low mileage for it's age, it's supposed to run forever, and three rows of seats with leather. We really like it. We drove it for a long time and decided to make an offer on it.

We made an offer on the upper limit of what we would like to spend. Unfortunately, the offer was much lower than the price the guy wanted for the vehicle. He said he had a couple of people interested in the car and that he wasn't saying no, but he might get a higher price from the others. So we gave him our card and asked him to please contact us if it doesn't sell.

It's so much different to buy a car face to face. Those car salesmen at dealerships have it all worked out so that everyone can blame some unseen face in a back office. It's much more tense to buy person-to-person. You almost feel bad asking for a good deal! ;)

I'll confess, I am a little anxious about the situation since we still have a chance to get the car. But the waiting is all we have left. If the car doesn't sell by the end of the week, we might get it. Now we're just patiently waiting for the best deal. This is certainly the weirdest car-buying experience we've had yet!

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