Not so Subtle Marketing...

After spotting some blatant marketing at the shoe store the other day, I have certainly become more aware of the not so subtle "buy it now" messages everywhere.

When we went used car shopping last weekend, here's what was on the wall by the salesman's desk:
This was just an outright attempt to get you to buy the car NOW. I am just about disgusted with this kind of sales tactic. It's absolutely ridiculous! Car dealerships have even stooped to a new low.

Pressure tactics are the salesman's favorite tool when it comes to car buying, but it's not usually a sign on a wall that's pushing you to buy!

Salesmen first make you wait, and wait and wait longer to get some numbers on paper. You are already anxious by this point, just because you wonder what's taking so long, and you start getting a little impatient because you want to get on with it. Then they offer some outrageous price so when they offer you a little bit less you'll feel like you are getting a deal. If you refuse the deal, the cycle repeats. Waiting and more waiting. They are trying to wear you down, so that you'll take whatever they throw at you, just because you're tired. It's all tactic and psychological games.

They also try to make you feel bad for asking for a better deal, like you are trying to rip them off or are making them lose money. Trust me, they aren't going to allow themselves to lose money. You just have to be insistent. We have found that buying late at night expedites the whole process. Everyone wants to go home, so they either do the deal, or they won't.

When we went used car shopping last weekend, we waited an hour to get a price on paper. The numbers they threw out at us were so off, we stood up and walked out, because there was just no use in trying to bargain- we were never going to meet. The vehicle that we wanted to buy was new to the lot and it was early in the month, so they weren't dying to make a deal. They figured they could get more money out of someone else.

We have made it all the way to the finance office before on a car after getting their "absolute bottom dollar." We decided the interest rate was too high and we didn't love the car, so we walked out. The next day they called and offered us $500 off the car. Car dealerships will almost always call you back within a day with a better deal if you leave the deal on the table after negotiating. Patience and a tough skin will serve you well at a car dealership.

I know for us, the more we know about sales tactics, and the more we see through the marketing ploys, the less we fall prey to their schemes. It's important to realize that every business out there is trying to get your money! When you realize that, you'll hold on to it even tighter. :)


Amanda said...

And not only are they pushing the car on you now...they can't even spell correctly. :-)

Mandy said...

Even sadder- I didn't notice it! LOL!