No Used Car Yet...

We are still waiting, patiently looking for our new old car. :) We haven't heard from the guy we talked to before. My brother surreptitiously emailed him for us to see if he still had the car, and asked his bottom dollar. The man replied that he had the car and gave his bottom dollar which was, of course, much higher than we offered. Since we offered a price fairly low for the value of the car, I doubt he would sell it to us. But you never know, God sometimes works in surprising ways!

We also are looking at *very* inexpensive cars- like $1000-$1500 cars. That amount of money isn't what it used to be, that's for sure! I wonder if Dave has actually looked at those $1000 cars lately ;). I would feel rather unsafe with three small children in a vehicle that costs $1000. Another constraint we face is that we have three littles in car seats, so we have to have a bench wide enough to hold three car seats in a row. We need about 54 inches minimum. Older cars were much smaller than those that are made today, so we have to find a van or SUV to fit us all.

We have talked about placing our car in the newspaper, but we haven't done it yet. I'm really not sure why we haven't- maybe we will get to it over the long weekend.

We also may have an opportunity to gain extra money to pay off our current car in the next few months by selling some property we own, but as the market is rather soft these days, we are not relying on selling it. We want to get out of debt, even if it's the hard way! :)


CDMOM said...

Have you checked out Ebay? I have never personally baought a car from Ebay, but I have a friend who has four. So far, she has found really decent cars for $1500-$2500. The last one was a '98 Jeep Grand Cherokee! She is kind of a risk taker, but I have to say she has found some good deals.

Mandy said...

We have just recently started looking there- it seems like there are really good deals there! We are really considering buying one over the internet- it's good to hear someone has had success with it. Plus, if you aren't spending tens of thousands of dollars on a car then you have less and less risk the cheaper the car gets. $1500 is less than the cost of one year of depreciation on the average newer model car!