Nice Thanksgiving Break with Little Spending!

We had a great Thanksgiving break- we had family over, ran a 5 k, and did a little bit of Black Friday shopping.

While perusing the ads on Thanksgiving Day, I noticed that there weren't many good sales this year. It wasn't for a lack of ads, however. I looked at all of the ads, but it seemed to me like there wasn't much that was worth actually buying. It was a very strange experience for me. Since I was a pre-teen, I have loved to pore over the ads in anticipation of the best deals, planning what I would buy for others and what I wanted for Christmas.

This year was different though. I didn't want to buy anything the ads offered. I think that it all came down to the change in perspective that we had this year. Seeing all these items on sale no longer motivated me to spend money like it had in the past. Paying off debt has become far more important than getting the best deal on something I probably don't need.

There was only one thing in all the ads that we deemed worthy of shopping for this year- a $22 5x7 rug at Lowe's. I have been shopping for a rug that size since last year when we moved in our house- I just couldn't find a decent one for under $100, so I never bought one.

This year I got a beautiful rug at Lowe's at 3 p.m. on Black Friday (no early birds at my house ;). It matches our decor perfectly, we didn't fight any crowds, and we didn't have to pay much at all for it! Not only did we get a wonderful deal on something we really needed, we also saved money by not buying unnecessary things like we might have done in the past. It really was a great Thanksgiving (and Black Friday!).

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