Frugal Confessions Thursday

We all have them- times when we were too cheap, times when we made poor financial decisions, and times when we were too extravagant. I have made many non-frugal and ultra-frugal decisions in the past and I want to share my mistakes with you! (I know, there might not be enough hosting space on Blogger! ;)

We are only human. No matter how hard we try, we will never stop making mistakes. Thankfully, our Lord is so forgiving, and His blood has covered our sins and mistakes. Through Him, we can get over ourselves, ask for and accept His forgiveness, stop feeling guilty about the past and go on to share what He has taught us. Sometimes we just need to let our guards down so that others can see where we've been and how we learned from our mistakes. I know that for me, the process is also cathartic- it helps me to let go of all those mistakes by sharing them.

That's why I am going to host Frugal Confessions on Thursdays- I am still in the process of learning how to be more frugal, and I am so relieved and encouraged when I read that someone else is like me and trying to do better with their finances. So starting next week, I will be posting a frugal confession each Thursday.

If you have any frugal confessions you'd like to get off your chest, please share them with us starting next week! You will be able to post them in the comments or on your blog and leave a link in the comments (I hope to have a linking system or carnival entry soon!).

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Rebekah said...

I'm new to your site but just wanted to say that I'm looking forward to this series. My DH and I have been working towards being debt free and learning to be more frugal over the past year or so. It is encouraging to hear other's stories of how they are making frugal decisions and learning on this journey to becomoing frugal and debt free.