CVS Deals this Week

This was a great shopping week at CVS- I got a ton of stuff that I needed for our household- diapers, milk, cereal, soap, water, and hair products. I just started shopping at CVS this spring and I am amazed by the deals that can be had there.
My online balance shows I have spent $141, and that I have saved $635. Now that total isn't entirely correct because I have had to get refunds for things that didn't ring up correctly, which brings my savings much higher and my spending much lower. But it's fairly close to the actual numbers.
Some of the biggest resources I have for finding CVS deals are the Slickdeals and Families CVS forums. MoneySavingMom has recently started working each week's deals for newbies, and I often find good coupons there too.
If you haven't tried the CVS game, I really encourage you to give it a shot. We rarely pay anywhere close to regular price on household goods (and often pay nothing!) now that we get such great deals at CVS.

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