Walk Before You Buy

Last Sunday afternoon we went to my spouse's favorite store- Lowe's. I generally dread going to any home improvement store, but if I had to choose one to go to I would pick Lowe's because it has more organization tools. I love baskets and containers of any kind- they can be used in so many ways around the house! So when I saw two laundry baskets on a great clearance, I picked up a couple. At less than $2, I thought these sturdy baskets were a great find.

But the longer I carried around those baskets, the more I thought about purchasing them.

I first thought about how much I really needed those baskets. I could definitely use them, but did I really need them? I have four baskets already. Granted one was broken but it still functions well. I began to think I really didn't need them after all.

Then I thought about the cost- at less than $5 total, they could be bought with our budgeted miscellaneous money. But the question that bothered me was how much time and effort I go to save $5 normally- how much I normally valued $5, but if I thought I was getting a deal $5 wasn't much at all. If I was overcharged $5, that would be a ton of money but I didn't think twice about spending it on something I didn't need. I realized money I saved was more valuable to me than money I spent.

As I walked around thinking these thoughts and carrying around those baskets, I slowly talked myself out of the purchase. I didn't need the baskets, and simply thinking about the purchase for a while before walking to the register kept me from buying something I didn't need. I walked out of the door basketless but with a light heart because I had just avoided more unnecessary "stuff" and saved my spouse's hard earned money.

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Kacie said...

I sometimes use this method, too. It doesn't matter how much it costs--if I really don't need it, I don't buy it. It really is an effective way to buy what you need!

Mom2fur said...

I can't tell you how many times I've done this same thing. It's funny how something you 'need' in aisle 10 becomes something you really only want by aisle 5...and then something you could care less about by aisle 2, LOL!