Saving Money Dining Out During Birthday Week

Whew- what a busy couple of weeks we have had. We celebrated two birthdays and have one more to come this week. We usually dine out to celebrate, but we have been trying to be more cautious with our spending. My dad and mom took us out three times, but no one will be coming tomorrow. Which means we have planned to spend about $35 to dine out at our favorite restaurant.
One way we save money on dining out is to sign up for restaurant clubs. I have received so many coupons for free food at places like Fazoli's, TGI Friday's, Johnny Carino's, Quizno's, etc. Many have birthday clubs where you get a free meal or appetizer on your birthday- I just got a $5 gift certificate to McAlister's and a free appetizer at Johnny Carino's for my birthday (That saves at $12-$13 right there). I will probably use the appetizer as my meal to save even more money. It's so much more enjoyable to eat great food when it's free!


MoneyChangesThings said...

Lately I always suggest splitting an entree with another person at the table. For two middleaged women who watch their weight, one entree is often plenty. They bring you two plates and don't seem to think it's tacky or anything. way less waste, less $, and a healthy amount of calories.

Mandy said...

That's a great idea. Pretty soon I will be splitting entrees with my 4 year old. He really has an appetite! :)