My Very First Carnivals!

I participated in my very first round of carnivals this week. So exciting!

First there was the 107th Carnival of Debt Reduction which was so graciously hosted by Moolanomy. I contributed my post Debt=Stress. My favorite article featured there was Gazelle Intense Not for Me, Thanks by Gather Little By Little. I am on that path now but trying to become more gazelle intense without going crazy.

I also participated in the 120th Carnival of Personal Finance hosted over at My Retirement Blog. I submitted my post The Day I Realized Almost Everyone was in Debt. The article Extreme Saving: Hide your Money from Yourself by ProBargainHunter was quite entertaining- I can relate! We have a savings account online that we rarely even think of- it helps that it is a three day transfer because it's not worth the trouble to get the money out of it. Slowly but surely it is growing. I may need to get a few more savings accounts like the article suggests! :)

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