Gym Membership- Worth the Cost?

Since I had my youngest eight weeks ago, I am really wanting to jump start my exercise and weight loss. I have been running for about 4 weeks getting ready to run in a 5k, but it doesn't really make me feel stronger. I know with my first child, I got in shape and lost weight in a church aerobics class that cost $5 per month. It was a steal, and they provided childcare during the class!

We've moved since then, and the gym closest to us costs $39 per month plus a $99 enrollment fee. I have begun a 7 day trial of the gym, and I like it so far. Both the Turbokick class and the Pilates class were extremely challenging and would get me in shape fast. I have to let the gym know I want a membership before next Monday or it will cost $49 per month.

Both prices seem extremely high to me. This is the nicest gym in town, and I haven't checked any other gym prices. I know there is a Jazzercise class at a nearby church, but it's farther away too. I am willing to spend money to get back into shape, but how much is too much? We can "afford" the extra money, it would just take away from our debt reduction.

I know I need to go somewhere to exercise, and on a schedule. I need people to know I am supposed to be there, because it helps me to be more accountable. I have tried all kinds of home exercise options, but with three needy little ones and housework to do all around me, I just can't be home and exercise. So an outside place just works for me, and I am willing to pay for it.

Now I just need to call other gyms and see what they have to offer as far as classes and prices. I also need to check with that church for their prices as well. I want to get in shape as frugally as I can!

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