Frugal Thinking is Becoming Part of Me!

Last week I went shopping to find a nice outfit for my birthday. I went to my favorite store on Wednesday and found a pair of pants that I absolutely loved. This pair of great pants was not on sale this week, and since I am on a budget, I just couldn't bring myself to automatically pay full price for any clothing I buy. I hated to leave them behind, but I knew I hadn't done any pre-shopping online to see if the price was competitive.

I went home to do some research. I found the pants were out of stock online and that any available internet deals would be negated by the shipping costs. Add that in with the fact that the pants would probably not arrive within the week, and I decided I would probably have to purchase the pants in store.

Before I would buy them, I made myself go to other stores with coupons in hand to see if I could find a better deal on similar pants. After hitting all my favorite stores, I finally made it around to the store to try on the pants once more. When I arrived, they had started a weekend sale on all pants- $10 off. I tried my favorite pair on and still loved them, so I bought them at a newly discounted price.

This experience really had an impact on me- I realized that without a conscious effort, I didn't make an impulse buy like I would have in my less frugal days. I waited and shopped around online and in other stores to make sure I had the best deal, and it didn't bother me at all. I took a few days to really think about the purchase before I made it and my patience paid off in the form of $10.81.

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