Birthdays on the Cheap

Since we are trying to get out of debt, we planned on spending a much smaller amount on gifts and parties during our family birthday season. We stopped doing big birthday parties this year, because it was a ton of stress to get it all together and then the cost of the actual party was far more than we wanted to spend three times a year. We decided to do only immediate family birthday parties after the first birthday, with just cake and ice cream.
This year, instead of buying a cake at the store, we made a birthday cake at home for our four year old. He loves Veggie Tales, so we made a Larry and Bob cake. It certainly wasn't a beautiful cake, but it only cost us about $4 instead of $12-15 like we would normally spend for much less cake. It did take a lot more effort than just buying one at the store, but the money saved and the specialness of the Larry cake made just for my little one made it worth the time spent. He loved it even more because it resembled (I use that word loosely!) Larry the Cucumber.


Anonymous said...

I think your cake looks wonderful! Plus if he's anything like my daughter at that age, he'll be talking about the Larry cake for a long time to come because Mom made it special just for his birthday.

Anonymous said...

I thought you cake was wonderful too. One more tip about frugal cakes. I have been known to buy small plastic toys and things to put on top of the cakes. But with todays lead paint problem maybe not. I did that when my kids were little my oldest is 18. of course you could make some kind of pedastel an put a toy on top of that. AT my sister's baby shower I baked a bundt cake and turned a small margerine container upside down over the hole and iced the margerine container along with the cake and placed a colorful baby bottle on top of the margerine container.