Friday, July 10, 2009

It's time for the scream!

WE'RE DEBT FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Except for the house. :) But we are working on that! We have our house for sale but no buyers yet. We want to rent until we save enough to build a house with cash.

We have saved 70% of our 6 month emergency fund. We took a vacation to Hawaii with our tax refund or we would be fully funded. I know, totally not on the Dave plan but with the new baby coming this month we wouldn't be able to go for a couple of years so we took the opportunity while we could! We paid for everything with cash of course. :)

It feels so good to be debt free! Life is so much less worrisome. The only downside is that having several thousand dollars in the bank doesn't feel like enough cushion anymore, while just two years ago we OWED $40,000 to various people and didn't have an extra penny. It's amazing how fast your perspective changes!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

How Quickly Things Change

I've been busy! We sold the car for a pretty large hit a little while ago. We were eager to get rid of it and get on with life without a large monthly payment. We wrote a check for our negative equity, signed a couple of easy title papers and voila. We had no car. God really planned the whole thing to a tee because not only did we have extra cash because of the stimulus payment and odd jobs, we also found the most perfect, decked out older minivan with low miles at a great price the day before we signed the papers on the car. It was amazing how it all worked out, only by the hand of God.

And so, we are car payment free, debt-snowballing all of our extra money each month.
God has also been gracious to give us ways to earn extra money. We worked very hard, my husband mostly though- for about 8-9 weeks. The newest test of our faith comes in waiting to be paid for work already completed. We are owed several thousand dollars at the moment for work done over 5 weeks ago. As soon as we get paid, we will pay off all credit card debt, and will have money towards the LAST DEBT, a student loan! It's really frustrating though. It's hard to be patient after working so long. Fortunately, it's almost over, and we haven't sold any property yet!

Thank the Lord for His goodness. He is merciful.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I Joined the Swap!

I've finally joined PaperBackSwap. I can't believe I've waited for so long! We have a bookshelf of books I haven't picked up in years. I just signed up and added 10 books to my list and got 2 credits for free books!

Within the hour someone requested a book of mine, so I will soon print the label, affix the postage, and stick it in my mailbox! As soon as they receive it, I get a free credit for any book I want on the site.

I used one of my free book credits to get a beginner's Spanish guide for my husband. It says it should be in the mail in a couple of days! And, if you use the link or banner on my website to sign up, I get a free book credit! :) So exciting.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Get from $25 to $500 for FREE!

So very exciting! I've jumped on the bandwagon, so to speak, and joined RevolutionMoneyExchange! It's competition for Paypal, and it's breaking into the scene quickly by giving away $25 to every new account holder! And you can get up to $500 by referring your friends! The money appears in your account instantly after they sign up.

I signed up yesterday and I already have $60 in my account! I was hesitant at first to give out my Social (in)Security Number, but after researching it, I found that they are backed by some huge names in finance, along with a real FDIC bank in South Dakota. And the page is secure too, which is also reassuring.

If you want to get a free $25, please use my link or button, and I'll get $10 as well! It's only until May 15th, so get your free money while you can. :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Car's Not Selling

We are about at the end of the rope with the car... We've listed it online and had one serious looker, but even priced below every other car that's the same it just will not sell! It's been four months now, and we keep lowering the price.

In the meantime, we have been looking at cheap cars to replace our vehicle. One night, we thought we found the van we were looking for, and after arranging to meet the person, we drove two hours one way to find out he sold the van right an hour before we got there and didn't even bother to call. That was probably the most frustrating moment in the whole frugal journey. We are trying so hard, pushing to get out of debt, but we aren't in charge of it. We can drive four hours, and spend $30 in gas for a sure thing, just to have that door slam in our face.

So what are we doing now? We are waiting. Waiting for something to fall from the sky with God's name written all over it. We still have the car up for sale, but we aren't holding our breath. The only thing we know for sure is that God is in control and we have to trust Him. Who knows, maybe the day we sell our car we'll find out we sold our property, and we'll find a van far better than we ever dreamed. It's all in God's timing, I know.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Best Money Saving Website. Ever. :)

My favorite money saving website is MoneySavingMom- each week Crystal does a breakdown of deals at CVS, Walgreen's, Rite Aid as well as keeps you posted on the best deals on the internet. If you haven't been there before, you have to go! You'll save money just by reading it!

Decisions, Decisions

We have some big decisions to make at this point. We have a large sum of money from extra jobs and taxes that we need to put on something.

It's definitely a nice problem to have a decent pile of money, but rather sad when you don't get to keep it, and it goes to reduce another number on the screen. This time might be different as we have enough to pay down our car and buy another one.

If we sell our car outright to another person, we will have enough money to buy a decent car with cash. If we can't sell it to another person (which seems likely as we are a finance-only society) we might have to trade it in. If we do have to go with the trade in plan, we will have to wait until our stimulus rebate comes in or until we get another side job to be able to afford another car.

If or when we sell our car, we will no longer have a car payment, which means that we will triple our debt snowball on our other debt. Yeah!

We will be needing much prayer as we try to decide what we should do with our cars and try to find a reliable very used car. At least it's progress. :)